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Mz Pinki

Hello world I want to thank everyone for visiting and checking out my site. I've decided to start my own blog Just Talk which is the spin-off of the my hairline Just Pretty . Well I dont want to have you dozing off on me while trying explain a little of my background, so if you guys just go to the background tab on my website there you will find out more information on me Lafayette, La stylist Mz Pinki. My goal with this blog is to give my readers and my clients information on the Hair Industry and the newest and lastest trends but giving it to you from a young stylist perspective. I also want to connect with stylist from all over the world to gather hair care tips and spotlight stylist that are definitely changing the hair game with new and creative techniques, all while shining a spotlight on my City and State. But dont think that this blog will be all about hair and how i feel about it, I invite you guys to share topics ask any questions about hair or any topic of life that you may want to know and if i can help i will give a little of my input.


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